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Category: Domestic Abuse

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Pretending It Didn’t Happen Doesn’t Make It Go Away

Pretending that the abuse didn’t happen only does a disservice to myself and others going through similar situations. The abusers love when their victims stay silent, they love when they don’t fight back. It empowers them.

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STOLEN: Respect & Boundaries

This post is for all women who have survived an abusive relationship. Whether it be physical, emotional and/or financial abuse, etc you are still here and I thank God for that. If you are still in an abusive relationships, I pray that God will set you free from the hands of your abuser. I also thank God for Him leading you to my site and if you need to talk I can be contacted through the contact tab above

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STOLEN: Redeemed Playlist

STOLEN is a mini series that explores how we can reclaim our identity in Christ. All of the posts in this series speak specifically to survivors of abuse and discuss a lot of the feelings that we sweep under the rug. The truth is that a lot of us feel like something was stolen from us. Whatever that something is, let’s talk about it.

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Let Christ Refine You

Coming to the realization that God knows best can either come easy to you or with hardship–for me it came down hard. When I was a lukewarm Christian, I was stuck in the habit of thinking that I had to know everything and plan out every event in my life by a certain age, date or time. I had to be in control of everything in my life and thank God afterwards, if at all. This stubbornness and controlling behavior took root within me and led to me relying on my own works to puff up my ego and either make God an after thought or not a thought at all.